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6/22/2020 Update - Book 3? Word budgetting

Posted by J. P. Edgar on June 22, 2020 at 5:10 PM

Hey all,

It's been a rough and busy couple of weeks. With July right around the corner, I've been hustling to get the book 3 draft done. The problem lies with a particularly tricky chapter. With everything I wanted to cover before a certain point, I had to be careful with every paragraph I wrote. Keeping track of every character in and behind a scene is a pain in the ass. Juggling these imaginary actors in a scene to get them to do what is needed in a short amount of words proved to be rather challenging.

But before that, as I'm writing and going off of the outline, I've found myself pushing back plot point after plot point due to lack of room. The next thing I knew, I was an entire chapter off and had to take a moment to stop to see what went wrong. And I figured it out - word count.

That is an ongoing problem with my writing. Book 1 was totally rewritten due to the word count (by ~100k). Because of that issue, chapters 1-9 were removed, which removed the entire Jessica arc. I want to do something with these chapters because of how important they are to Jace's character development, but that's a project for a later date. And with the rewrite and alterations in book 1's main story came book 2's rewrite, which also had too many words (by ~50k).

I hoped to have learned from my errors for book 3, but I regularly find myself going over my allocated word count. Word budgeting has been something I've been learning more and more about over these past few years. Hopefully, this won't be an ongoing problem, and I can get a properly budgeted book 3 draft done soon. That way, I can stay on my self-made schedule. After all, I'm already way behind on my side project. But that's because BoA book 3 scooted that aside.

I really want to give some information on this side project, but it'll have to wait. First things first, book 3 (which is about 35% done with the draft).

More ridiculousness to come,



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