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5/19/2020 Updates, BoA Jace Bk2 Updates

Posted by J. P. Edgar on May 19, 2020 at 5:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello everyone,

I got some excellent news. I have the links for the pre-order for BoA, Jace Book 2. With the release date of June 2nd, I'm so relieved to finally get that project off the ground. It's months later than I originally planned, but things kept popping up that slowed its progress. However, it's done, and I'm happy with it. And I hope you enjoy the book.

And as a reminder, apparel will be updated soon. That means most of book 1 apparel will be taken down and will no longer be available. Get your book 1 apparel before it's too late!

So stop by the store for your apparel and your book 2 preorder.

As always, more ridiculousness to come,


5/15/2020 Update - Release date for BoA Bk2!

Posted by J. P. Edgar on May 15, 2020 at 3:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello everyone,

You know how you want to tell people about something, but you can't due to potential contract restrictions? That's kind of been the case with book 2. It's been replanned and restructured, rewritten and reread, redesigned and resubmitted. After all this work (and unforeseen events), I now have a release date -- June 2nd, 2020!

I'll be getting a digital file and the pre-order links soon (hopefully by Monday). As soon as I do, I'll get them posted and I'll update the store.

Thank you all for the support. This wouldn't be a thing with out you.

More ridiculousness to come,


4/20/2020, BoA Bo2 sample

Posted by J. P. Edgar on April 20, 2020 at 3:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello all,

I got the sample of Jace book 2 on Friday. It's looking real good and I'm really excited at this release.

Here is what this means for the shop. The signed quantities for book 1 are now limited time as my storage will be for book 2. A lot of the apparel for book 1 will be taken down to make way for book 2. The pens, cards, and bookmarks will be replaced with book 2 stuff, so those will be out-of-print. I hope you're saving them.

Book 2's release is later than I had originally planned, but COVID-19 really slowed the process down. Stay inside. Stay safe. Stay ridiculous.


Updated: 3/30/2020, COVID-19

Posted by J. P. Edgar on March 30, 2020 at 3:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello all,

It's been a scary time for the world as of late. COVID-19 has reportedly gone up with the U.S. leading in cases. Unemployment has skyrocketed due to the quarentine in attempts to get the pandemic under control. Millions will lose their insurance and may not be able to afford the care they need if they get sick. And obviously, there is more negativity that could be reported. This is a dark time we live in.

However, there could also be the bright side of things. After all, clinging onto the good is what drags us out of the mud of life. Right? So consider the following thoughts:

People have been able to spend time with their families. Everyone is so overworked or too busy that they don't have any time to simply sit with their family and watch a movie, or to just talk and reconnect. And just think about how happy you've made your puppies. They don't like their human leaving all day every day. Now they have their human to hug and keep company.

The air has been given a reprieve from the lack of pollution. Stanford University reported that the air quality around China has improved and thus could have saved lives. In fact, Marshall Burke from Stanford estimates that the two months of reduced pollution has saved ~4,000 children under 5 and ~73,000 adults over 70 China alone.

Gas prices have dropped due to low demand. I keep a chart on gas prices (as of Oct 2016). I haven't seen prices this low since the chart began. So if you have to drive somewhere (to get out of the area, for example), the cost will be less to fill up that tank.

Since people have a lot more time to just sit and think, it can give people the opportunity to reflect and reconsider their life and their choices. Some times, people are so busy they don't realize how much their lives have gone into disarray. People can take a moment to realize what they may have taken for granted and to get their lives on a better track.

We have seen an unprecedented amount of productivity from what would be considered slow and complex procedures from bureaucrats. In the U.S., the government started on the $2 trillion stimulus to attempt to help the citizens. This is a huge matter to consider as the divided bureaucrats could hardly agree on anything. Everything is so black-and-white with the government, but the two sides worked together to push this through. This could be the first step in bipartisanship and to get things that need to be done around the country done.

Not being able to go outside can also be a good thing. Consider this, many people now have to work from home. This may change the way their company works, and could allow for a more diverse employee base to make a company succeed. For example, a programming company in San Francisco could have done everything in-house. Now, they're forced to work from home. Now that the logistics of in-home work is in production, they can pull in resources from New York to build a better product.

The innovation on at-home concepts is outstanding! Restaurants are now working on delivery instead of dine-in. That will allow people who can't or don't want to leave their homes (pre-COVID-19) to try out different eateries. This will, in turn, enhance their business.

Community. I read an article about Italians who are trapped in their homes resorting to singing to one another on balconies. I'm sure you've seen a video or two posted on someone's Facebook. People have been donating to the hard-working healthcare workers various personal protective equipment and have given them standing ovations for their efforts to help people with this crisis. It's astounding that people are embracing the "we're all in this together" mindset world-wide!

I know times are tough, and they will get tougher. However, try to look on the bright side of things regardless of how dark things can get. And remember, you're not alone in your struggles.

Stay safe. More ridiculousness to come,


3/23/2020 Update, COVID-19 and BoA Bk2

Posted by J. P. Edgar on March 23, 2020 at 3:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello all,

It's been strange lately. Yes, I speak of the COVID-19 pandemic. I'm not talking about the scariness of an incurable virus infecting thousands and thousands around the world. That's just terrible. No, I'm talking about the empty shelves of toilet paper, noodles, eggs, and more. I'm talking about driving through the city with no traffic. I'm talking about the lack of people in once crowded areas, and the closures of commonly commerced areas. For that, I'm not complaining. I mean, my once 1-hour trip to work only took 15 minutes. I'll take that as a win.

Now for the reason you're really here - Book 2. No, I don't have a release date. Not yet, at least. My publisher sent me the final proof to review and approve, and I just finished that read-through. It will be sent tonight, and I should have a release date soon. Yeah, I know it's the closing weeks of March, and I know I said the book would be released by March. But stuff happens, and projects get pushed back. Good news though, I've learned a lot about the publishing procedure, and I'm hoping books will go through the publishers smoother to get in your hands to enjoy.

As for the side project, I am about 40% through the rough draft. I've been using the lessons learned from the BoA series to make the second draft and re-writes easier to manage. I've been pleased with the current outcome, and I'm sure you will be pleased, too.

That should do it for now. Stay safe, and thanks for stopping by.

More ridiculousness to come,